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Our education

The Department of History offers courses and programmes at all educational levels, from courses at basic level to a Master's programme at the advanced level and also at postgraduate level. The Department of History is responsible for the graduate school in history, which is a collaboration between the Department of History in Lund, the University of Gothenburg, Malmö University, Linnaeus University and Södertörn University.

Most of our education is in Swedish. The Bachelor's programme, Master's programme, and our Doctoral studies are all conducted in Swedish. Even if the Department of History does not offer a English taught Bachelor's programme, we have a few courses where English is the means of instruction - students are welcome to apply for such free-standing courses or they can study via a student exchange programme.

Student Exchange Agreement

The Faculties of Humanities and Theology have established Exchange Agreements with over 60 universities in and outside Europe. Each partner university can nominate students to study in Lund during a period ranging from three to twelve months.

Find out whether your home university has a Student Exchange Agreement with the Faculties of Humanities and Theology.

Our courses in English

The Department of History offers three Special Area Studies (SAS-courses) at basic level in English.

These courses are all on Bachelor's level, and are worth 7.5 ECTS credits.

Our history courses in English are open for students for application outside an exchange program.

Apply online

All non-exchange students wishing to study must apply online, using the national University Admissions in Sweden website. You can create your account ("Log in") on the English website  Apply in the Swedish version,, during the application periods: March-April for autumn semesters and September-October for spring semesters. We may accept late applications to our courses. The late application opens in July / December.

  1. Find the course you would like to study on our list of courses Courses by semester, or type the application number "LU-XXXXX" in the green field at
  2. Click on the button "Apply" ("Sök").
  3. Click on the arrow "Välj" and then on "Till anmälan" in the blue square on the right hand corner. ("Välj" is "Add" in Swedish and "Till anmälan" is "To application".)
  4. If everything is correct, press "Fortsätt" (Continue/confirm application), and make your application at

Please note: You might want to inform yourself on the application process on the English site, but the courses are not available in the international application round so the dates on the English site are not applicable.

Contact the Lund University's local Admissions Office for help with your application.

Current students

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