Education at the Undergraduate Level

The Department of History offers several free-standing courses and a three-year Bachelor’s programme at the undergraduate level. The introductory course, as well as intermediate and Bachelor’s courses are offered every semester. The Bachelor’s programme in history commences every autumn semester. We also offer the introductory course and the intermediate course as on-line courses. 

History can be the main subject in a Bachelor’s degree (via program or free-standing courses).

The majority of our education is in Swedish, but we also offer a selection of English-taught courses.

Education at the Graduate Level (Master’s Degrees: 1 and 2 year)

The Department offers a Master’s Programme in Historical Studies at the graduate level. The programme is offered jointly together with History of Ideas and Sciences at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences. The language of instruction is Swedish. 

History can be the main subject in both a one-year and a two-year Master’s degrees.

Do you want to be a teacher?

Lund University has its own teacher’s education. In this education, there is a subject-teacher education for the compulsory school system as well as upper-secondary education. Read more about the teacher’s education in history:

Education at the Doctoral Level

The department has doctoral educations in history. Acceptance to the doctoral education occurs when scholarships are advertised by The Faculties of Humanities and Theology, or by The National Graduate School in Historical Studies. The advertisements normally occur yearly, but can sometimes occur every other year.

The PhD studies comprise 240 ECTS-credits (four years of full-time studies). The studies include reading-courses and a dissertation project. The dissertation is deemed to take six semesters (180 credits).

Read more about the Doctoral level education:

National Graduate School in History

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