The Subject of History

Department of History | The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology

Research seminars

The Department of History has a large offering of seminars. Presently, we have specialty seminars for history didactics, radical movements in modern society, religion in a historical perspective, pre-modern history, historiography, and a Foucault seminar. These seminars have a interdisciplinary aim and cooperate with other subjects and departments at Lund University. Check the department’s calendar for upcoming seminars. Contact the seminar-leaders if you are interested. 

  1. | The Entire Seminar Series 2(22)
  2. Arbetshistoriska seminariet | The Entire Seminar Series 0(25)
  3. Det historiedidaktiska och historiepedagogiska seminariet | The Entire Seminar Series 2(16)
  4. Global Historic Seminar | The Entire Seminar Series 0(14)
  5. History and Religion | The Entire Seminar Series 0(24)
  6. Research Seminar, Human Rights Studies | The Entire Seminar Series 5(110)