International Doctoral Student Conference with York University and Bielefeld Universität

15 June 2021 on ZOOM

A Year at the Graduate School

PM Residential Seminar:
Week 4 or 5

Nordic Desk Swaps:
Week 10–11

Historical Theory Course:
Week 7–13

Doctoral Student Conference with York University and Bielefeld Universität:
Week 23 or 24

Introduction Day for New Doctoral Students:
Week 37

Announcement for Desk Swaps within the York and Bielefeld Collaboration: 
Deadline 15 September

Autumn Residential Seminar: 
Second half of September

Mobility Grant Announcement: 
Deadline 15 October

Announcement for Nordic Desk Swaps:
Deadline 30 November

Desk Swaps within the York and Bielefeld Collaboration:
Week 45–46

Historical Problems Course:
Week 47–02