Study guidance

Academic advisor

You can find the academic advisor Anna Wallette at the 3rd floor in the A-building at LUX, in room LUX:A309.

I am available Monday-Thursdays, between 9-12, and 13-15.

On sick leave spring 2022. For queries on education, please contact the administrator for History or one of the director of studies.

You can always book an appointment by e-mail: studievagledarehist.luse

A study advisor guides and supports students in different matters regarding their studies in History, from introductory course to master studies, such as how to combine courses, on course structure, assessment of previous studies, credit transfer et cetera.

If you experience any problems, failed exams or if you have personal problems that affect your studies, you are welcome to come and talk to me and get help with, for example, a study plan. Likewise if you have questions about courses, your studies in general, course or degree requirements, support during studies due to disability or other relevant matters.

Study Guidance online

To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, you can meet the Academic advisor online or via telephone meetings instead of at the office.

E-mail to make an appointment for study guidance via Zoom or telephone.

Drop-in advice from academic advisor available every Monday between 11.45-12. E-mail me for the Zoom-link to the drop-in.


Picture Anna Wallette

Academic advisor

Anna Wallette

Room: LUX:A309

Phone: +46(0)46-222 79 62

E-mail: studievagledarehist.luse

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