Doctoral Studies in History

A PhD in history is a four-year programme, totalling 240 credits, divided into 60 credits of courses (equivalent to one year of study) and an independent thesis. Of the courses, the faculty-wide introduction course (7.5 credits), the theory course (7.5 credits) and the methods course (7.5 credits) are compulsory. The remaining courses take the form of thematic courses chosen in consultation with the supervisor. Two of the courses should be broad and broaden the doctoral student’s field of knowledge. Courses in teaching and learning in higher education can be included if they constitute at least 3 credits. The majority of the programme is taught in Swedish, although the thesis can be written in English. One requirement is that the applicant must have the ability to assimilate texts in Swedish.

There are opportunities to carry out departmental duties as part of the doctoral studentship (up to 20% of hours). These could include activities such as teaching or administration. An application for departmental duties shall be submitted and approved in advance. The studentship is extended accordingly.

Every doctoral student is assigned a principal supervisor, who is to have reached the grade of reader and be employed at Lund University, and an assistant supervisor, who is to hold a PhD. The organisation of the individual doctoral student’s studies is detailed in an individual study plan drawn up by the doctoral students and the supervisors at the start of the programme. The individual study plan shall be revised on a continual basis, at least once a year.

An important aspect of the programme is seminars, where the students practise giving presentations and critically and constructively highlighting and dealing with research issues, including research methods. Active participation at the seminars is expected.

A call for applications for student finance is usually published once a year, on 1 February, with the deadline for applications four weeks later. The calls are published on the faculty website under Vacancies/Lediga anställningar. Applications are to be submitted on a special application form.

The application is also an application for a doctoral studentship. Candidates may also be admitted to a studentship with another form of financing if the financing can be considered to be guaranteed for the duration of the programme. In such cases, a funding plan shall also be appended to the application.

The Department of History is responsible for the graduate school in history, which is a collaboration between the Department of History in Lund, the University of Gothenburg, Malmö University, Linnaeus University and Södertörn University. Being admitted to PhD studies at Lund University means becoming part of a creative and inspiring study environment.

Admission requirements

The general admission requirements are a second-cycle (Master’s) degree and higher education courses totalling at least 240 credits, of which at least 60 credits at Master’s level, or equivalent knowledge acquired in another way in Sweden or abroad.

The specific admission requirements are a degree project in history, historical studies or equivalent worth at least 15 credits at Master’s level and ability to understand written Swedish.

For further information, please contact the Director of Studies responsible for PhD studies:

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