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Student information

On these pages, you will find information about that which is relevant for you who is, or wants to be, a student at the Department of History.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for our academic advisor will gladly assist you.

Interested in studying history?

New student

As a new student in Lund you have much to learn. Everything from roll call and registration, to planning your studies, and purchasing course literature can be new experiences.  

It is important that new students follow the instructions given on how to enroll in a course, and that you have found your course’s website:

If you have specific questions about studying at the Department of History you can probably find the answer on the webpage Study History - from A to Z.

You can also find answers to basic questions you may have as a new student on Lund University’s webpage.

Who to ask about what?

As a student at the department you will meet several different people. We are here for your sake and you are always welcome to contact us.

If you have questions on your choice of studies you should turn to our academic advisor:

The director of studies has the responsibility for the courses:

The administrator will help you with practical questions on registration, grades, certificates of grades, etc:

At the reception desk located in Lux’s main lobby you can purchase compendiums, pay for parking, receive your graded exams, and get a certificate of study. For opening hours see the reception’s webpage:

If there is something you want to know about the examination, or anything else specifically connected to your course, you can contact your teacher:


Ingegerd Christiansson
Phone: +46(0)46-222 79 60
E-mail: Ingegerd Christiansson

Director of studies (temporary) / Academic Advisor

Anna Wallette
Phone: +46(0)46-222 79 62
E-mail: Anna Wallette

Director of First Cycle Studies

Marie Lindstedt Cronberg
Phone: +46(0)46–222 79 70
E-mail: Marie Lindstedt Cronberg

(on sick leave until further notice)

Director of Second and Third Cycle Studies

Joachim Östlund
Phone: +46(0)46–222 79 65
E-mail: joachim.ostlundhist.luse

Head of Department

Henrik Rosengren
Phone: +46(0)46–222 79 18
E-mail: Henrik Rosengren



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