Application and admission

Applications and Acceptance

Applications and acceptance to our courses and programmes

The following is information about how you apply to our courses and programmes.

Applications to both courses and programmes are done via, the Swedish National University Admissions website (in Swedish). Instructions on the application process can be found on the English website

The last day to apply to courses is around the 15th of April preceding the autumn semester, and around the 15th of October preceding the spring semester.

For courses on offer, and a guide to the online application, see Courses in English

Acceptance and a required answer

The notice of acceptance you receive after the first selection shows if you have been accepted, placed as a reserve, or crossed out from the universities or university colleges programmes and courses you have applied to. If you are placed as a reserve, the notice of acceptance includes what number you are placed in line and how many accepted there are in your selection group.

The notice of acceptance must be answered. If no answer is given, you forfeit your spot in the course or programme or your place as a reserve.  

If you have been accepted and replied to accept your spot, a few weeks before the start of the semester you will receive a summons to an introductory meeting and instructions on how to register to the email address you gave when you applied at  

The meeting is obligatory. Contact the department if you cannot attend. During this first instruction, you will learn more about the make-up of the course.

The schedule (including the time for the introductory meeting), course syllabi, and literature lists are found on the course’s webpage.  

Late applications to our courses and programmes

If you have not applied to an education before the above-mentioned dates, you can normally do a late application (and this applies even for those who did not reply to the first notice of acceptance before the deadline to respond). Late applications are processed only if time allows, and the first to turn in the late application are placed first in line. No regard to merit is taken.  

After the last day for application, the application process is closed. Some courses and programmes will be re-opened again for late applications (at the earliest on the 15th of July during the summer and at the earliest on the 15th of December during the winter).

All late applications are done via

The fact that the course or programme has an ’add’ button for late applications on is no guarantee that you will be accepted. Students that turn in a late application to courses in history are accepted only if a spot is available, and should not count on any notice of acceptance until the start of the course (or even directly after). You should not come to guard your reserve spot at the introductory meeting. The department will give you notice if there is a spot open according to a list that is made for this purpose.

University admission

Applications in the First Admission Round.

Application period October–January for autumn semester.

Application period June–August for spring semester.

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