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born 1953, Professor. In 1987 I defended my dissertation on the crafts in the town of Malmlö during the last century of guilds regulations (Lärling - gesäll - mästare. Hantverk och hantverkare i Malmö 1750-1847).

I have a long teaching experience on all levels, from first year students to graduate education, in particular focusing on courses on theory, methods and historiography. I have served as Dean of Graduate studies in the Department of History, and since 2010 I am chairman of the department.

My research is focused on the social transformations of Swedish urban society in the 18th and 19th century. I have a special interest in the urban crafts but also in radical movements of the 19th century and the early labour movement. I am interested in the intersections of social and cultural history.


About the research

I am currently finishing a book dealing with social relations in Malmö 1720-1774. It is an attempt to analyze a typical problematic of social history from a cultural perspective. I look at representations of the social order, but I am just as interested in the way such representations were use to establish and to maintain hierarchical relations. I critically discuss the use of concepts such as "society of orders" and "class". I hope the book wil be finished during 2019.

I have currently two other areas of research interest. One of them is republicanism in Sweden in the 19th century, before the socialist breakthrough in the 1880's. In Swedish historiography pre-socalist radical ideas have usually been labelled liberal, but I maintain that it is more fruitful to analyze them within a broader European republican tradition. In connection to this research interest I have presented some conference papers on anticlericalism.

My third area of interest is Swedish historiography of the 20th century. I have especially focused on Sture Bolin, professor of history in Lund 1938-1962. My interest in him has also led me to research on the right wing and nationalist political movement Sveriges nationella förbund, in which Bolin was politically active.


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