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I was born in Malmoe in 1951. After studying at Lund University, I became a school teacher. For many years I taught at different schools in Malmoe and Lund. During my years as a history teacher, I participated in various projects on history education. When I had finished my dissertation, I became a lecturer at Malmoe School of Education. After a few years, I got employed as a lecturer at the Department of History in Lund. In 2009 I was appointed professor in History. Until recently I was Dean of Education at the Joint faculties of Humanities and Theology.


About the research

My research has mainly been focused on 19th and 20th century labour and social history. My dissertation from 1991 is about work and trade union organisation in two workshops, including Kockum’s Engineering Works in Malmö. I have done research on management strategies, work environment, occupational-specific mortality and migration. In a recent project, I investigate the problems of industrial coal smoke pollution in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In recent years, I have increasingly devoted myself to research on music, youth culture and societal changes. I have been involved in a Project, funded by the Research Council, on xenophobic tendencies and changes in the position of the labour movement in Landskrona.


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Lars Berggren

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