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Klas-Göran Karlsson, b. 1955, Professor of History. Within the field of contemporary international history, my research interests are three-fold. The first is directed towards modern East European history, with an emphasis on Russia and the Caucasian area. In particular, I have addressed problems related to education, history of historiography, migration processes and ethnic conflict. I have also taken an interest in genocide and terror history, which includes a dual approach on historical, unique and general developments of genocidal societies, and on the handling of genocide and terror histories by posterity. I have written books about the Soviet Communist regime's crimes, the Armenian genocide and the Holocaust. My third research interest concerns interpretations, representations and uses of history in a wide European perspective. In my mind, the main task of historians is to provide history with meaning, and society with an orientation in time.


About the research

A project, involving six persons, concerns historical lessons of Communist and Nazi history, from a genealogical perspective. At present, one research project, on the thirty years' war of the 20th century and its historical lessons, has just been finalized, as has another one on problems of history teaching at the university, and a third, on historical jubilees. I have written a small book on genocide. A long-term project, which will result in a multi-volume work, focuses on global history. Another long-term project is to write the genealogical history of post-Communist Russia, focusing on the history used by Russian collectives for orientating and sense-making purposes in the eras of Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Putin.


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