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I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of History, Lund University.

My overarching research interests comprise politics, religion and culture in 17th–19th century Europe. I have pursued these interests through interdisciplinary studies in primarily history and theology leading to a PhD in History in 2017.

Empirically I mainly focus on Swedish sources, with a European horizon, and with scholarly collaborations in several European countries. I preferably stipulate my studies in order to track a cultural or anthropological phenomenon through centuries.

Themes that are recurrent in my research are tolerance and intolerance through out history, dilemmas concerning privacy and the significance of the Nordic Peace for Europe and the world in the eighteenth century.


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Other tasks and qualifications

Stipendiat, Institut für Europäische Geschichte (IEG) i Mainz, 2016

Summer schools, Institut pour l'Histoire de la Réformation (IHR), Université de Genève, 2013, 2014 and 2017

Seminar assistent for the Seminar of Religion and History, Department of History, Lund University, 2014-15

Seminar assistent for the Premodern Seminar, Department of History, Lund University, 2014-15

Johannes Ljungberg

Department of History

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