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I am a professor in History at Lund University. My research focuses on culture, gender and social history, in the period from the 1700s to the early 1900s. I have written several biographies. "Wives and Young Ladies in the Middle Classes in southern Sweden 1790-1870" is my doctoral thesis (1996), then followed by the "Conditions of Love. Three women 1780-1880" (1998), and "Sophie Elkan. Her life and friendship with Selma Lagerlof" (2001). They has a gender perspective. The latter is a biography. "In the Whirls of Dance. Dance and play in Swedish History" (2004) is cultural history, and "Oscar I"(2007) and "Charles Swartz" (2010) are biographies. 2012 "The Cathedral in Lund" was published, written by me and Anita Larsson. My research now is about female teachers and governesses from the 19th Century. 2016 I published "Women's voices. Female lives from the rise of the modern Sweden."


About the research

My dissertation is "Wives and Young Ladies. Women in the Middle Classes in southern Sweden 1790-1870" (1996). This book and "The Conditions of Love. Three women 1780-1880" (1998) belong to gender studies and the cultural research field. Women's and men's lives and conditions are analyzed. The focus is on cultural patterns, values, relationships and reading habits. Both the private sphere and work in a more public sphere in the form of philanthropic activity are highlighted. Letters and diaries constitute the primary source material. Theoretical inspiration come from J.Scott and B.Hanssens term's urban-pagant. The biography "Sophie Elkan. Her life and friendship with Selma Lagerlöf" (2001) is founded on thousands of letters. Hetero/homosexuality, Jewish/Swedish and female authorship in a "male" field are the key dimensions of the biography. Bourdieu's capital theory is the theoretical framework. "In the Whirls of Dance. Dance and play in Swedish history" (2004) is a survey of dance culture in Sweden and how it is influenced by European customs for a period of several centuries. Skillness in dance has been linked to the civilization and culture, which is made visible in the universities and military academies were dancing masters were important from the 1600-to the 1800s. Dance culture is linked with civilization process and the image of the body. N.Elias, P.Burke and J.Huizinga are important sources of inspiration. The biographies "Oscar I" and "Carl Swartz" came 2007 and 2010


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