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I have a Ph.D. in history and I work as a researcher, teacher and Bachelor programme coordinator. My research is devoted to early modern history and questions concerning ethics, morality and inner life, as well as knowledge circulation, religion and politics. Together with colleagues I have been a part of the development of the history of knowledge as a scholarly field, creating a seminar and research environment in Lund. We are in the process of finishing our second edited volume. Read more about us at History of Knowledge @ Lund.

My dissertation investigated the transformation of the concept of happiness in Swedish broadsides, 1750-1850. In 2014 I received a grant from the Swedish Research Council for a project concerning questions of conscience in early modern Sweden. The results will soon be published in a monograph in English. I also have an interest in digital history, cultural heritage and digitization issues.


About the research

Chronologically I am predominantly interested in early modern society and the transition to a more modern one, ca 1500-1800.

Methodological inspiration is found within conceptual history, discourse analysis and cultural history. I am also interested in history of knowledge, cognitive history, phenomenology and other ways of understanding and conceptualizing thoughts,knowledge, emotions and experiences.

The topics I have embraced have dealt with the high and low of everyday existence as well as the concepts connected to such questions. My interests furthermore lie with the notion of man and with human emotional life and its ethical implications.

The sources I primarily work with are both learned and popular. In my dissertation I used songs and stories printed in Swedish chapbooks, but also the older hymn books and bibles and their conceptual clarifications.

I am also interested in the digital humanities and have created a digital guide to the special collections of the university library (


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