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Ulf Zander is Professor of History at the Department of History, Lund University.

His main interest is how history is communicated. He has published on debates on and uses of Swedish history from late 19th century to early 21st century as well as on monuments, film, history and identity.

Another of his research interests is the Holocaust and representations of the Nazi genocide in Scandinavia and Great Britain after 1945. Zander has co-edited a number of anthologies and was the editor of Scandia, one of the leading Swedish Academic journals in history, 2003–05.


About the research

At present, a few research projects are at hand. I´m writing a book together with historian and film historian Tommy Gustafsson about the Swedish warrior king Charles XII in Swedish cinema.

Another of my research intersts is the Holocaust in Scandinavian and British post-war debate, from 1945 and onwards. Related to this question is a project in which the history of Communism and National Socialism is analysed as one entangled historical narrative. The framework of this project is a large national and international scholarly network.

Furthermore, I´m working on war and terrorism as represented in films and, with colleagus at the Department of History in Lund, a project on learning processes of history in present-day Swedish society. My task is to anlayse the Second World War and the Holocaust in present-day Swedish memory politics.


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  • Reserve member, Academic Appointments Board, Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology


Other tasks and qualifications

I have in both a Scandinavian and an International context worked with questions on history culture and history and images/pictures, especially monuments and film and history.

I have presented my resaerch at a large number of conferences, both in Sweden and other parts of Europe, in United States and Australia.

Another interest is pedagogical development, including a period as guest teacher at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The J. William Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board awarded me the 2015-2016 Fulbright-Hildeman Fellowship in Scandinavian History, and I was during the Spring of 2016 visiting Professor at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois.

I have had expert and examination committee assignments, among them being external examiner in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland. As principal or assistant supervisor I have brought several doctoral students to exam.

I am since 2018 Director for Second and Third Cycle Studies at the Department of History, Lund University.

I am since 2014 board member and since 2017 deputy chairman of Kriterium (a portal for the review and publication of high-quality academic books) and since 2014 a member of its editorial board.

I am since 2016 chairman of the Faculty board of Culture and society at Malmö University.

I am since 2019 board member of the Faculty board of Arts and Humanities at Linnæus University.

I have been awarded several scholarly awards, among them the Einar Hansen Research Fund Award 2012 and the Swedish Political Science Association Award 2018 for best article in Statsvetenskaplig tidskrift (Journal of Political Scinece) 2017.

Ulf Zander

Professor, Director of Third Cycle Studies
Department of History

Contact information

E-mail ulf.zanderhist.luse

Phone +46 46 222 79 61

Mobile +46 73 403 46 51

Room LUX:A325

Visiting address Helgonavägen 3, Lund

Postal address Box 192, 221 00 Lund

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