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PhD Student since 2015. MA in History from the University of Copenhagen (2014).


About the research

Broadly defined, my research centres on questions of power, the state, racism, colonialism and modernity in the 18th and 19th centuries, such as: Through which technologies of power are subjects governed and brought to accept cercain truths about themselves? How have the political rationalities of states evolved, cross-fertilized and bifurcated across the complex geographical expanse of European colonializing empires? In which ways are rationalities and pracitices of colonial rule in fact specific to colonialism, and in ways might the analysis of colonial relations and forms of rule teach us more about the tensions inherent in the Western state? 

Theoretically, I draw on two major traditions within the field: the Foucauldian analysis of regimes of power and Global History. 

Supervisors: Hanne Sanders, Lund University, Gunlög Fur, Linnaeus University, and Søren Ivarsson (associate supervisor), University of Copenhagen

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Kristoffer Edelgaard Christensen

Doctoral Student
Department of History

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