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My main research interests touches upon issues of epistemology and history of knowledge. I am currently working with two different projects that in different ways relates to the circulation of knowledge. In my doctoral diossertation I analyzed the development of a theory of subjectivity in the works of the Spanish philosopher María Zambrano (1904-1991), through the context of exile. I am currently involved in the publication of ehr collected works, and I am in addition elaborating a monographjy based on my thesis for international publication.


I am furthermore involved in a Spnaish research program that investigates the philosophical and cultural influence of the 1939 Spanish exile. Within the overarching project I am investigating the relationship between Spanish and German exiles and the survival of neo-kantianism as a philosophical project after World war II.


My post doc project looks at the circulation of knowledge within another area. Here I am analyzing the relationship between theology and quantum physics at the en dof the 1920s, through a study of the Spanish theologian Xavier Zubiri and his prolonged stay at the Max Planck seminar in Berlin, then ledaered by Erwin Schrödinger. The aim is to investigate how concepts such as objectvity, vizualisability and vision moved between theology and physics, and in so doing aiding to legitimize quantum physics as a new science.

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Karolina Enquist Källgren

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