Desk Exchanges

Desk exchanges form part of the effort of the Graduate School to create national and international networks for doctoral students in subjects with a historical perspective. The exchange is on offer to doctoral students in the whole of Sweden and also to students at those institutions in the Nordic and other European countries with whom the Graduate School has partnership agreements. The identity of participating universities may change from year to year. The desk exchanges means that the doctoral student is able to spend two weeks in a department at another university with the purpose of being an active participant in a new research environment. In the course of their stay the doctoral students are expected to do a presentation of their research project, orally or in writing, for instance in a seminar or doctoral student group.

The Graduate School has been organising the Nordic exchanges since 2012. They take place in March each year (weeks 10 and 11).

Participants in the international exchange are the York University (including sister departments at the University of Sheffield and the University of Leeds) and Bielefeld Universität. These desk exchanges are organised as a triangular exchange and take place in November. For desk exchanges with York and Bielefeld the Graduate School arranges and covers the cost of travel and accommodation for doctoral students sent out by the Graduate School.


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