Anniversary Lectures

The National Graduate School of Historical Studies celebrates 20 years

Part of the celebrations is a series of Anniversary Lectures with invited speakers.

The lectures are in English and are held on ZOOM due to the pandemic. For registration please follow the links listed under each lecture.

All very welcome!


Upcoming Lectures

28 October 2021, 15.15–17.00

Carl Wennerlind
(Professor of History, Barnard College, Columbia University)

The History of Scarcity: Economy and Nature in the Age of Capitalism

Moderator: Svante Norrhem (Lund University)

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The concept of scarcity at the center of modern economics shapes much of the contemporary thinking about economy and nature. The notion that everything is scarce because people are insatiable provides the foundation for what Greta Thunberg famously called the “fairytale of eternal economic growth.” Now that we are entering the Anthropocene and it is becoming clear that infinite economic growth is a threat to the ecological and planetary systems, we will be forced to develop new ways of thinking about interaction between economy and nature. In this lecture, I offer a history of past versions of scarcity from the Renaissance to the present, with an eye towards the development of new perspectives on the interdependence between economy and nature.


11 November 2021, 13.15–15.00

Silke Schwandt
(Professor of Digital History and Medieval History, Bielefeld University)

Digital History in a Medieval Context

Moderator: Wojtek Jezierski (University of Gothenburg)

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14 December 2021, 14.15–16.00

David Clayton
(Senior Lecturer in Modern History, University of York)

How to Mitigate an Environmental Crisis: Water Shortages in Hong Kong, 196364

Moderator: Wiebke Kolbe (Lund University)

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27 January 2022, 16.00–18.00

Tara Zahra
(Homer J. Livingston Professor of History, University of Chicago)

Anti-globalism and Deglobalization in Interwar Europe

Moderator: Lena Halldenius (Lund University)

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Earlier Lectures

21 September 2021, 10:00

Glenda Sluga
(Professor of International History and Capitalism, European University Institute

Women in the History of International Thinking 

Moderator: Norbert Götz (Södertörn University)


4 May 2021, 15.15–17.00

Penelope J.E. Davies 
(Professor of Art History, University of Texas)

Architecture and Politics in Republican Rome

Moderator: Ulf Zander (Lund University)


15 April 2021, 15.15–17.00

Kathleen E. Kennedy
(Professor of History, Bristol University)

The Migratory English Coconut: Medieval and Colonial

Moderator: Sara Ellis Nilsson (Linnaeus University)


18 March 2021, 14.00–15.30

Martina Kessel
(Professor of Modern German History, Universität Bielefeld)

Enacting Germanness, Creating Difference. Reading Nazi Germany through the Violence of Laughter

Moderator: Henrik Rosengren (Lund University)


12 February 2021, 14.15–16.00                                         

Jerome De Groot
(Professor of Literature and Culture, University of Manchester)

Double Helix History: DNA in Public

Moderator: Stefan Nyzell (Malmö University)

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Carl Wennerlind 
The History of Scarcity: Economy and Nature in the Age of Capitalism
28 October 2021, 15:15–17:00

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