In some of our courses, the education platform LUVIT is used. You will use it if you take one of our distance courses, but the teachers in a number of campus courses also use LUVIT as a supplement to classroom instruction.

For distance courses, you meet both your fellow students and your teacher online on LUVIT. You can also present yourself on your own home page, or on your blog if you prefer, on LUVIT. This is also where you can find all schedules, tasks you will do, and various possibilities to present your work. It is also here where you cooperate with your fellow students on problems of historical nature, and it is here where the teacher gives you feedback on the work you have done.

An e-mail will be sent to you when are accepted to the course. So keep a look out for this mail if your teacher wants to use LUVIT. Please note that there are two ways into LUVIT (look to the right column on this page). As a normal student in Lund you are to use the first of these two ways in. You log in with your student account.


Log in LUVIT