Department of History

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The department offers education in history and human rights studies, from general courses at the undergraduate level, to courses and programmes at the graduate level, as well as at the doctoral level.

From 2012, the department is comprised of the subjects of history and human rights studies.

The subject of history can be a major in a bachelor’s degree and a master’s (one and two year) degree within the Faculties of Humanities at Lund Univeristy. Besides our general courses, we have special courses with varying areas of concentration. For example: labour history or cultural history. Further, courses in English are offered. 

The subject of human rights studies offers a bachelor’s programme (180 hp/ECTS-credits) and the introduction and continuation courses in human rights studies as free-elective courses.
We also offer courses at advanced level and in 2019 we will launch our new master´s programme.

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Teacher’s education in history

The Department of History has been part of Lund University’s cooperation with the University College of Kristianstad on the teacher education at Campus Helsingborg. At the Department of Educational Sciences, Lund University, there are teacher educations with focus on years 7-9 of the compulsory school system (270 hp) or upper secondary school (300-330 hp). In the fall of 2016, Lund University launched its own teacher education. History is present as a secondary subject in the programme. The subject of history can also be studied outside the teacher programme for a degree in education, as free-elective courses up to 120 hp. Read more about the teacher’s education in history.

Education at doctoral level

The department has doctoral educations in both history and human rights. In history, we have ca. 25 active PhD students. Acceptance to the doctoral education occurs when scholarships are advertised by The Faculties of Humanities and Theology, or by The National Graduate School in Historical Studies. The advertisements normally occur yearly, but can sometimes occur every other year. There is usually a large amount of competition for the scholarships. To be accepted to the doctoral education in history the applicant must have the ability to comprehend texts in Swedish. The National Graduate School in Historical Studies has had, with few exceptions, advertisements for scholarships once a year since 2001.

The PhD studies comprise 240 hp /ECTS-credit (4 years of full-time studies). The dissertation is deemed to take 6 terms (180 hp).

Courses for 60 hp are included.

Since 2009, we have an education at the doctoral level in human rights and at the present time there are 4 Ph.d students in the subject.

The studies comprise 240 hp including reading-courses and a dissertation project.

The education shall result in a scientific dissertation.

At the higher seminar and The National Graduate School in Historical Studies’ seminar-conferences, the PhD students’ dissertations, as well as other texts, are discussed during their development, and guest speakers are arranged. Both the teaching in the courses and the seminars are, generally, done in Swedish.

During the last few years, an average of 6 PhD students have graduated every year.

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Doctoral education in history

Doctoral education in human rights