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Human Rights Studies

Human rights have become a dominant language politically, legally and morally, both in Sweden and in the rest of the world. International development must have human rights as a basis. The Swedish school aims to provide knowledge about human rights. Large companies are entering them in their ethical guidelines. Military interventions carried out in their name. Human rights is obviously a phenomenon to be reckoned with, but how are they understood and what can they accomplish?
By integrating historical, philosophical and legal perspectives study and analyze human rights in all their complexity.

With us you can studie a three-year bachelor's program in human rights. In the program you have the opportunity to do an internship and you can read a semester abroad. We also offer a standalone basic course. All of oure courses are tought in Swedish.
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We are the only higher education institution in Sweden that has postgraduate studies in human rights.
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Our research seminar is open to all interested.Leading research themes from us are the historiography of human rights in the early modern and modern times, the rights of political philosophy and philosophy of history, military and civil violence historically and today, humanistic perspective on "peacekeeping" and the rights of persons with disabilities.