Department of History

The Joint Faculties of Humanities and Theology | Lund University

Doctoral Studies

The Department of History provides the possibility to study at postgraduate level. Postgraduate education is an important part of the university's assignment and responsibility, and as a PhD student you are an important part of the research at Lund University.

The program are equivalent to four years of study, 240 credits and ends with a scientific thesis, a dissertation.
As a PhD student you always have at least two supervisors, one of them will be appointed to your head supervisor, to guide you through your education. 
Most PhD students have some form of employment at the department they are registered at.
Often they are included in the teaching of students at undergraduate level.
The graduate program includes both reading courses, work with the thesis and cooperation with your supervisors.
How the postgraduate education is structured and what the requirements are to some extent different between the faculties and disciplines. In History, the applicant must have the ability to assimilate texts in Swedish.