Nationella forskarskolan i historiska studier

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National Graduate school in History

Since 2001 the Department of History at Lund University has hosted the National Graduate School of History, which is funded directly by the Swedish government. This graduate school is one of few graduate schools in the humanities and the only one in history. Research training is carried out in close collaboration with the departments of history at Malmö University College, Södertörn University College and Linneaus University. From 2011 the Univeristy of Gothenburg participates in the collaboration.

The idea behind the graduate school is twofold: to make graduate training more qualified and effective, and to support and develop graduate studies of history amongst the other partners in the network. Through intensive supervision, frequent and qualified courses, regular workshops involving prominent national and international scholars, and generous grants for various kinds of international contacts, the graduate school has been working to realise its basic objectives, expressed as five I’s: inclusive, innovative, intensive, integrative and international.

The doctoral students have been encouraged and given financial support to spend half a year at a university outside Sweden in order to internationalise their training. Approximately forty doctoral candidates have had their research training in the graduate school since its beginning, half of them based at the Department of History at Lund University.


Föreståndare: Hanne Sanders

Studierektor: Ulf Zander

Biträdande studierektor: Maria Småberg

Utbildningskoordinatorer: Kajsa Brilkman och Cecila Riving

Övrig administrativ personal: Barbro Bergner

Viktig information

Historiska institutionen i Lund har flyttat.

Ny besöksadress är: LUX, Helgonavägen 3 Hus A, 223 62 Lund

Ny postadress är: Lunds Universitet. Historiska institutionen, Box 192, 221 00 Lund


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